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Sunday Morning Worship LIVE

Join us at 11:00 am.

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At church 6pm every Tuesday

March 19 Episode 1
March 26 Episodes 1 & 2

April 02 Episodes 2 & 3
April 09 Episodes 3 & 4
April 16 Episodes 4


We have several options for you to connect face to face or online with local christians who are growing in their faith together.

Sunday Morning Worship

10:15 am prayer

11:00 am Worship Service

1:00 pm fellowship meal 

At 10:15am we have a short exhortation and a time of searching the Scriptures and private prayer to prepare our hearts for worship.


At 11am we pray, sing, praise, and give

thanks and offerings to the God the Father, through Jesus His Son in the power of His Holy Spirit. Followed by a message from the Bible.

At 1pm we normally have either brought lunch to share with one another or we go out buy lunch and return so we can fellowship a little longer.

Teen Prayer Group

Online Prayer Meeting

9:00 am Wednesdays

Faith in Christ moves us to ask Him for the impossible, the unbelievable, the incredible. We gather at the church on Tuesdays to seek the will of the Lord and pray that it is done on the earth as it is in heaven.

To Join Us:

Click the link below.

Message us on our FB Page and let us know you want to join.

Download the FB Messenger App.

On Wednesday at 9:00am you will receive an invitation to join the video call.

Answer the call. :)

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