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How to Live:

Astonished Beyond Measure

Multitudes followed Jesus as He entered the region of Decapolis.  Although He was sent to the lost sheep of the house of Israel He keeps finding faith in gentile territory.  The words of the prophet Isaiah 35 leap off the pages of history onto the mountaintop where lame, mute, deaf, blind, and other hurting people are supernaturally healed by Jesus. The end result? They were astonished beyond measure (Mark 7) AND glorified the God of Israel (Matthew 15). Learn how enter into that kind of living in this week's message.

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The Bread from Heaven

Jesus had a mission... to go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. So when He encountered a non-Israeli woman in dire need 

what did He do?

What does His response to her teach us about great faith and true worship? We all have trouble in life, learn Jesus' answer to your troubles in this message about The Bread of Heaven.

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Watch for the Sign

Missing God's signs can lead to consequences. Jesus is always there to guide us through life challenges. Stay connected in faith and listen to God's voice to overcome obstacles.

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The God of Pure Hearts

Jesus is the Word of God. He reserved His criticism for synagogue rulers who elevated their traditions above His commandments.

There was a bigger issue at stake though, if you can believe it. The words that were coming out of mouths of men and women claiming to know God betrayed a terrible truth... their hearts were far from God.

Do we have any control over our own hearts? Or are we helpless victims of a deceitful and wicked nature? You may be surprised to learn the truth.

To Forgive and Be Forgiven

Worship 0:00 -1h 13min   

To Forgive and Be Forgiven 1h 13min -1h 57min


As a mother, forgiveness is a crucial part of our role. We teach our children to apologize and make amends, but it's equally for us to model this. Forgiveness is a heavenly power, brought to us by Jesus. It can be difficult, but it's necessary for our own peace of mind and for the well of our relationships with our children. Join Pastor Heather as she shares how this has worked in her life.

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Just Pray

After feeding multitudes with a miracle, Jesus sends the disciples across the sea by boat and dismisses the crowds. He then heads up on a mountain... alone. Long after midnight His followers are straining at the oars against the wind, not making any headway. They are tired and desperate. What could Jesus be doing? Why wasn't He helping them? Find out what was so important to Jesus that night and what happened next in this week's message.

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Blessed and Broken

Blessed and Broken

When Jesus feeds over 5,000 people with only 5 loaves of bread and two small fish everyone ate and was satisfied. The disciples of Jesus had an interesting role to play. Jesus expects the same of us today.

Find out what in this week's message from Matthew 14.

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Jesus' cousin John, the Baptist, exploded onto the scene of first century Israel with a singular purpose. To prepare the way for Jesus to be enthroned in Israel as the Messiah.  His method? Preaching a simple message. 

Repent. The kingdom of heaven is near. The Messiah is coming. He will baptize you in the Holy Spirit and fire.

When fire consumes, something's gotta go. If fire is purging evil from our lives, something's gotta go.

What's it gonna be?

Making costly decisions to obey the Lord will strengthen our trust in Him. John knew that well. He died believing and following.

Are you ready to let the Holy Spirit bring fire and change your focus from yourself to the Lord?

Our connection with Jesus is vital to heavenly living. Familiarity with Him however, can lead to offense.

Offense with Him can lead to unbelief.

In the end, our sense of wonder in God's Presence must be nurtured.

Learn how to cultivate childlike wonder in today's message from Matthew 13.

What does the Bible say about the end of all things?

When will it happen? How can you prepare?

Jesus has the answers to those questions and more.

Click on the title to view the Sunday Morning Service that contains the message... "The world is ending!"

Pass it on.

Christ died. He was buried. He arose. He appeared.

Can the good news that Jesus came to bring us really be that simple?

The undeniable fact of His resurrection is the cornerstone of Christianity, yet if we don't pass it on the kingdom of Heaven remains closed to millions.

So what are you going to do about it?

Ever see something and disbelieve it? We shake our heads and and say, "Did I just see that?" We look to the people next to us and ask them, "Did you just see that?"

Jesus entered Jerusalem on an undersized donkey, surrounded by a crowd, many of whom took off their own clothes to make a smooth path for Him. His fanfare was set to the praise of children singing... "Save now! Lord" To the religious, to the proud, this is ridiculous, but what Jesus did after that was even more so, watch to find out. :)

Buy the Field

What do new and old christians have in common? Entering the priceless reality of the kingdom of heaven is beyond us all, unless we learn a simple truth Jesus taught in Matthew 13:44. 

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Yeah, Jesus is there too.

What happens when you apply for a loan, never receive it, and have to start paying it back? Join Pastor David to hear this amazing story of the faithfulness of God. No matter where you find yourself, Jesus is there.

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"Have you ever been convicted?"

Conviction is the child of belief and action. As we learn to depend more and more on the Anointing, the Holy Spirit of Jesus, conviction plays a vital role. Learn what in this message from Pastor David.

It's Time to Prepare

Find out what preparing for every good work and the mysterious 'Anointing ' in 1 John have to do with living a life that is useful to the Lord. - Pastor David

Don't be like them.
Be like _____.

Join us when brother Manny Laso shares about imitating Christ.

Watch Now
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Kingdom of Surprises

"The Patient Love of God"

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"Remember Me"

Corey Breaux

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As Jesus went about the land of ancient Israel sharing the word of His kingdom, he encountered many kinds of people. Some just didn't understand Him. Some thought they did, tried to follow, and fell away. Others quickly became discouraged and left. Some, however, discovered new life in Him, and became very productive. Find out how to stay filled with faith, hope, and love when everything around you wants to sow doubt, fear, and bitterness.

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Welcome to the Family

God's love is expressed to us in the creation of a heavenly family. It's entrance is supplied by Jesus. It is held together by Jesus. Jesus is unashamed of His children and has a deep desire for us to do good to all, especially those of the household of faith.

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Is There Room In Your Heart?

Jesus described a vivid scene in which a man who is demon-posessed is set free, but later ends up even worse off. How does a person get free of sin and Satanic influence? And how does a person stay that way? The answer is found in Christ and His will.

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The Beauty of a Believing Heart

What did the ancient Ninevites, the Queen of Sheba, and believers today have in common? As we round the corner into 2024 now is the perfect time to set our hearts upon the Lord.

Christmas Cafe' 2023

Christmas Cafe' 2023

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' I  AM '

Exodus 3:14

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'The Good Shepherd'


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Sunset Clouds
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Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

God's plan to save mankind is finally realized.

Jesus is about to throw open the doors to heaven.

Will you enter? 

Pastor David Tanner

Father and Son Fishing

Matthew 11:25-30

Does God keep secrets? Did Jesus claim to be equal with God? Does God have anyone 'screening' His phone calls? The answers to these and more questions as Jesus shares with His disciples intimate details of His relationship to His Father, the Lord of the Universe.

Pastor David Tanner

Matthew 11:12-19

Jesus told us the 'violent' take His kingdom by force. Did He mean take up weapons and attack those you disagree with? And how should we pray for other nations in war?

Come and see.

Pastor David Tanner

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Mercy or sacrifice. Which does God value more?

One will always honor the Lord and the other one doesn't always. How do you tell the difference? This week Jesus teaches His disciples this and declares that He is greater in authority than men know.

Pastor David Tanner

Matthew 11:20-24

As He sends out His disciples to a wider area with God's message Jesus looks at where He has been so far. He is not satisfied.

The mighty works He had performed in three cities have not had their desired effect. Find out what that effect is AND what it means for us today in this week's message. 

Pastor David Tanner


John White

Mercy Point Director

Tranquil Sea

"Bumping the Cup"

Coriander Seeds

Go and Preach


"No Seed Wasted"

"Jesus Went"

"Called, Empowered, Sent"



"Sweet Communion"

"What are you afraid of?"

"Precious In His Sight"

Christian Motorcyclists Association
"What's your confession?"

"What Have You Decided About Jesus?"


Pastor Mike Bartholomew
"One small act,
One giant rescue"

"Divine Separation"

"What are you serving?"

"Filled With Courage"


The Same, Yesterday, Today, Forever

Special Guest Mark Lautenschlager shares some of his experiences from sharing Jesus with those in prison. Message begins at 42min 30sec.

Christian Quarter of Jerusalem

"Believe and Be Saved"

MPM Senior Pastor Don McGrew shares from Acts 10 when God sends Peter to meet Cornelius in an event that changed the church forever.

Message begins at 36 min; Duration: 46 min


"The End of the Age"

Joe Moses Kpaklah is a Liberian national temporarily in the USA through an exchange student program.

Today he shared a message Jesus shared with His disciples about going into all the world and preaching the Gospel to every nation.

Matthew 24 / Begins @ 50min / Ends @ 1h21min




Message Starts: 0 hrs 47 min

Duration: 36 min

"Stop, Listen, Go!"


"Without Delay"


"Living Breakthrough"

Message Starts: 0 hrs 41 min

Duration: 38 min

Message Starts: 0 hrs 49 min

Duration: 39 min

Happy Mother's Day

Pastor Heather shares portions of her testimony as a mother along with a blessing for all mother's watching.


Looking Back:
The Power of Remembering

Life is full of challenges. When schedules and emergencies dominate our thinking, anxiety and fear usually aren't far behind. In this message by Pastor David Tanner listen to what God has shown us about one of our greatest weapons against anxiety and fear of the unknown... the ability to remember what God has done. Discover the power of remembering.

Sunday May 7, 2023

Message Begins at: 00:41  Duration: 31 min


"Do Not Worry"

Joe Moses Kpaklah is a Liberian national temporarily in the USA through an exchange student program.

Today he shared some of his story and the challenges Jesus helped him overcome being blind and growing up in a third-world country.

Matthew 6:31-34 / Begins @ 47min / Ends @ 1h30min

The Ultimate Authority of Christ



Introduction to Authority

Jesus astonished people everywhere with his miracles and his teachings. He was unlike any other religious leader of His time. What made Him so different?

Matthew 7:28-29

Begins at: 15:45 / Length: 27min


Just One Touch

Jesus reigns in authority over all known disease and God's law. He reaches out His hand and deliberately touches a leper. What happened next will amaze you!

Matthew 8:1-4

Begins at: 26:00 / Length: 30 min


Marvelous Faith

Jesus reigns over all unknown disease and distance is no obstacle either, yet the faith of a roman centurion stopped Him in His tracks. How could that be?

Matthew 8:5-13 & Luke 7:1-10

Begins at: 20:45 / Length: 22min



Jesus is in authority over every fiery trial, test, or temptation we face. When He touches us, darkness must flee, and the Holy Spirit ignites a fire within us.

Matthew 8:14-15

Begins at: 30:00/ Length: 25min


No Contest

Jesus reigns in authority over the demonic realm and the devil himself. Find out how the conflict between evil and God's kingdom finally ends in this message.

Matthew 8:16-17

We're Sorry.

Video malfunction prevented the message from being recorded.

Worship is still available.


And there He prayed...

Jesus reigns in authority over all things, yet He was totally submitted to the authority and will of His Father. Often He would depart alone for prayer. If Jesus had to seek the Lord in private, how much more must we?

Mark 1:35-39

Luke 4:42-44

Begins at: 41:00 / Length: 31min


Lord Over Us

Jesus reigns in authority over all believers. Our sacrifices mean nothing if we won’t do what He has told us to do. The world awaits His wonders through our obedience.

Matthew 8:18-22

Luke 9:57-62

Begins at 41:00/ Length: 20 min


Look at Jesus

Jesus reigns in authority over all the earth. He will complete His mission saving those who believe in Him. He will not fail. His disciples must look at Him and not be fearful at what the world is experiencing or get distracted by what the world is shouting.

Matthew 8:18,23-28

Begins at 33:00/ Length: 25 min


Beyond Hope

Jesus leaves hundreds of people in Capernaum and crosses the sea to land on the shore in the presence of a man who was beyond hope of saving. What happens when demons encounter the Ultimate Authority of Jesus? Find out here.

Matthew 8:28-34

Begins at 35:00/ Length: 28 min


Strange Things

Jesus proves His authority to forgive sins by healing a paralytic. The religious leaders call this blasphemy. The healed and forgiven man glorifies God. What did the crowds of witnesses do?

Matthew 9:1-8

Mark 2:1-12

Luke 5:17-26


Begins at 48:30/ Length: 15 min


Remember Mercy

Jesus brings a flood of mercy wherever He goes. He exercises His authority over all man-made customs, prejudices, and mis-applications of His Word.

Matthew 9:9-13

Mark 2:13:17

Luke 5:27-31


Begins at 40:00/ Length: 31 min


All Things New

There is only One who can save us… it is Jesus Christ. He is the ultimate authority by Whom all people can receive new life and by Whom our lives will be measured and rewarded. Behold, He makes all things new!

Matthew 9:14-17

Acts 4:23-31


Begins at 40:00/ Length: 30 min

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