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Lord, I'm not worthy...

He was desperate, this roman centurion, who's servant lie paralyzed and dreadfully tormented. Immediately Jesus expressed His willingness to come and heal him. After all, this is why the soldier had come. Wasn't it? To bring Jesus, the healer of the sick, the deliverer of the captives, back to cast whatever sickness or demonic being, that was gripping his servant, out. Yet the moment Jesus says, "I will come and heal him", the centurion stops the train!

"Lord, I am not worthy that You should come under my roof. But only speak a word, and my servant will be healed," he says.

In a moment we see this gentile, this polytheistic heathen, grasp something that most of Israel at that time could not: Jesus had authority, given not by mere men, but God Himself.

He was humble, this roman centurion, not even daring to assume that Jesus, the Lord of Glory would set foot inside his ceremonially unclean home. First, it wasn't acceptable, that a Jew would enter the home of a gentile. Second, Jesus was the Lord of All, and the soldier was just a sinful man. Unworthy? Seems like an understatement.

He understood authority, this centurion. He relates to Jesus that is not necessary that He come all the way to him house anyway. "...but only speak a word and my servant will be healed." For this was a man who knew how authority worked. If his commanding officer gave him an order, he obeyed. And if he, himself, gave his soldiers an order, they obeyed.

It was so simple. So powerful.

He was full of faith, this centurion. Unworthy? Yes. Ceremonially unclean? Yes. Not Jewish? Yes. But he possessed what many ceremonially clean Jews did not... faith. His faith was so strong that he accepted whatever personal risk would be his to bear, and came to Jesus desperate, pleading for the life of another person. He believed that Jesus not only could heal his servant, but that He would heal him.

"As you have believed, so let it be done for you," Jesus said. And the servant was healed from that very hour.

A lot of negative things have been said about hyper-faith movements or 'name-it and claim-it' preachers but do you know what? Faith always looks irrational and it irritates those who don't have it. Faith flourishes in submission to authority. There's humility in trusting the Lord for what is beyond us to do.

Desperation often drives men to do the unthinkable... the best example of which is to cry out to Jesus for a miracle. The centurion knew what we all must learn if we are to grow in Christ: We are unworthy. Always were. Jesus doesn't answer us because we deserve it. He answers because He loves us. He answers because He promised. He answers because He is hope personified. He reigns. Period.

Lord, Jesus, I don't deserve that you should hear or answer any of my requests. But I know that you love me, and I believe in You with my whole heart. There are many I know today that are sick, injured, and tormented by daily problems. Be with them Lord. Heal them. Deliver them. With just one word You can do it all. I patiently wait to hear the good news of what You've done, from their lips. Let it be done. Thank You. --- David.

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